Duran North Basketball team

the 8th Grade Duran North Basketball Team 

I hope everyone had a wonderful and glorious Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please remember the reason for the season: the birth of Christ. Yes, Christmas is over, but the manger in Bethlehem really happened. Never forget that Jesus came down for us. God is so good. And, hope you ate plenty of black-eyed peas and greens.

Thought for today: Want fresh strength for each new day? Want to run and not be weary? The key is to trust in the Lord (see Isa 40:31 NLT). (Joseph Prince)

Congratulations to Duran North 8th Grade Boys’ Basketball Team who won ended the season with a 17-1 record. Team coach is James “Coondog” Causey.

Team members in picture, back row: Conner Johnson, Zander Lackey, Caleb Groce, Michael Snow, Garrison Hildebrandt, Coach Causey, Brady Laminack, Braden Bell, Braley Smith, Skylar Pitts, T.J. Cooper, Caden Donahoo, Jaden Young. Congratulations guys for an awesome season!

Also, congratulations to the December PCHS Students of the Month: Malin Cain (9th Grade), Karen Suarez (10th Grade), Carson Walker (11th Grade), and Hannah Best (12th Grade).

Congratulations to Natalia Bastian and Parker Henson for being accepted into the 2020 Biennial Southeastern H.S. Artist Competition. The awards will be held at 1pm on Jan. 19th at Birmingham Southern’s Norton campus theater.

And the PCHS students in the Nurse Aide Training Class taught by Jan Smith all passed their CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) exam. Excellent class taught by an excellent teacher.

A special birthday wish for my grandson, Ryan Snow, who celebrated his day on the 21st. Other birthday wishes to Cynthia Cochran, Anita Bice, Khristian Reaves on the 23rd, Linda O’Shaughnessy and Chase Reaves on the 27th, and to Jamie Cline on the 31st. Happy birthday to Erskine Smith, Bill Ervin, Jamie Jack, Sandra Carruth, LaVette Hazelwood, Rogers McDaniel, Warren Smith, Chloe Baker, Brooklyn Black, David Garrett, David Jensen, Sue Smith, Lyle Harmon, Wanda Roe, James Butler, Joan Campbell, Paige Edwards, Piper Mitcham, Michael Fambrough, Lillian Fambrough, Glover Pope, Kaitlyn Rich, Payne Golden, Janet Jones, Karen Hollis Vardaman, Janet Weldon Jones, Joey Cobb, Billy Davenport, Sarah Peoples, Ben Abel, Vickie Mize, Ann Dendy, Jack Hayes, Morgan Russell, Kimberly Stallings, Austin Cotney, Chad Tidwell, Blaine Henderson, Mary Sullivan, Brett Tompkins, Woody Moss, Andrew Baker, Adyson Minor, Holten Fields, Bob Mize, Deanna Capps, Hugh Lonergan, Thurman Hendrix, Joan Wallace, Ronny Kimberly, Jim Starnes, Jenner Golden, Phillip Guinn, Matthew Pate, Kyle Shelton, Vance Braswell, David Templin, Scott Edwards and to the Frazer twins, Betty Kemp and Barbara Sowell. Betty and Barbara grew up in the Eden community and graduated from Pell City High School.

My son and daughter-in-law, Tommy and Barbara Vaughan, had family over to their home for Christmas Day fellowship. We enjoyed the food and being with our family. In attendance, were Annette, Tommy, Michael and Kayla Snow, Kayla’s friend, Beaux Byrd, Jennifer and Jesse Elders, Eli and Summer Vaughan with children, Dax, Sawyer, Lennox, and Breck, Emily and Nick Doty with children McKiley and Harper, Ruth Bush and Harold and Delain Vaughan.

Victory Church had a beautiful Candlelight and Communion Service on Sunday, the 22nd. The Worship Band, led by Brian Reaves, led the congregation in beautiful Christmas songs to praise and glorify the first coming of Jesus.

On Dec. 27, 1941, the federal Office of Price Administration initiated the first WWII rationing program: No driver would be permitted to own more than five automobile tires. To conserve rubber and gasoline, the national Victory Speed Limit was 35 mph. I actually remember this very well. I was 11 and of course, couldn’t drive, but remember when it pertained to my parents.

And don’t forget that school starts back tomorrow, the 3rd so be careful of those kiddos and buses.

Remember: Life can overwhelm us at times, and we must turn to God for wisdom and strength when the curve balls come at us. (Joe McGee). Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful blessing.

Be safe for the New Year. Pray daily for our country, its leaders and for Israel. I know many of you had family come for the holidays. Please let me know about your wonderful gatherings. Contact me at 205-338-7746 or email information to annette_snow@yahoo.com.

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