Hello everyone. Hope you had an awesome week and a great Valentine’s Day.

My grandson, Michael Snow, and his teammate, Evan Watson, were chosen to be part of the Regular Season All Area Basketball Team, representing Pell City High School Boys’ Varsity. Michael is a freshman and Evan is a Junior, so this is quite an honor. All Area players are chosen by coaches of the Area teams. And since they are underclassmen, and other good players on the team, as well as some great Junior Varsity players moving up, Pell City should have an exciting varsity team to watch next year.

The Pell City High School Girls’ Varsity team came in second in the All-Area Basketball Tournament. Oxford beat them for the Championship, but the game was a close one. These girls have had an amazing season and we are all proud of them. And congratulations to those players named to the All-Area Tournament Team, Reagan Tarver and Tori Winslett.

Congratulations to the following PCHS Wrestling team members who made it to State: Logan Shell, Ryan Bowling, Harrison Fausnaugh, John Brownlee, Andrew Bice, Riley Surles, Mason Barnes, and Porter Brasher.

Feb. 25, 2021 at 6:30 p.m, CEPA and Spotlight present their first fully digital production: The 2021 Spotlight Awards Telethon. This year's show will feature a mix of digital and live performances streamed directly to you through your social media. Watch, call in live, and make a donation to our programs this year. Your support helps hundreds in St. Clair County explore their talents on the stage and beyond. Spotlight is supported by Hargray Communications, Trussell Funderburg Rea Bell and Furgerson, Goodgame Company and The Alabama State Council on the Arts. The drama education and outreach program partners with Pell City Schools and St. Clair County Schools - as well as with many individuals of all ages - to help expand local performing arts opportunities.

Did you know that Alabama was ranked 21st in the US for exports in 2017? Companies in Alabama shipped products to almost 200 countries.

Know what will help you feel less fatigued? Just sniff some peppermint. It will stimulate part of the brain responsible for attention and energy.

Did you know that we mistakenly blame goldenrods for our hay fever? But, goldenrod does not cause seasonal allergies because it does not have any pollen. It is pollinated by insects. Only wind plants such as ragweed (which blooms same time as goldenrod) can cause allergic reactions.

Cold can make arthritis symptoms worse. Here are 10 tips to help deal with aching joints. 1. Dress in layers for warmth; 2. Stay hydrated; 3. Explore ways to exercise indoors; 4. Relax in a heated pool or warm bath; 5. Take Vitamin D; 6. Be careful not to fall; 7. Glucosamine-Chondroitin supplement; 8. Take fish oil; 9. Get a massage; 10. Consider acupuncture.

Happy birthday to my friend, Alene Mathis. Also, birthday wishes to Debbie Morgan Kitchens, Betty Hannah, Matthew Owens, Jane Wilson, Wendell Wilson, Jackson Hall, Ana Wadsworth, Joel Evans, Teshia Luker, Bre Perrin, Dick Bennett, Larry Blair, Isiah Boling, Patsy Lee, Christy Minor, Sue Whitehead, Loretta Mills, Debra Dyer, Wiley Davis, and to my special son, Tommy who celebrates his birthday on the 22nd.

Happy 6th wedding anniversary (Feb 14) to Mary Ashley and Keith Langley. Hope you have many more.

Please keep the family of Ray Miller in your thoughts and prayers.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

Until next week, please pray daily for our country. Please give me a call at 338-7746 or email annette_snow@yahoo.com.

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