Hello everyone. Well it is that time of year, warm, cold, warm, cold. Hope it is not being too bad on your health. Take care, lots of flu going around.

Happy birthday to one of my sweet sisters-in-law, Rachel Thomas. Also to Nancy Tomlin and Renee Santiago on Feb. 7, Jason White (son of Vicki and Dana Merrymon), Griffin Waldrop, February 8, Russ Tipton, Gary Ballard, Addison Lett, Myles Henderson, Maddie Shut, Jimbo Tollison, Bob Campbell, David Mullins, Sherry Pate, Leo Lynch, Josh Slaughter, Ray Turner, Amanda Walker, Kenneth Winnette, Julie Foshee, Toni Harris, Brian Richard, Charlie Brasher, Peggy Bice, Elaine Keener, Blair Connell, Todd Seay, Ashley Sea, Jody Jordan, Ginny Smith, and Randy Wright.

Please remember the families of Blake Lee, Ann Day, and John Golden, as they have recently passed away. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Although please keep Carla and Ronnie Kimberly, my friend, Janet Weldon, and Hal Pearson in your thoughts and prayers.

I had a spur of the moment visit from my daughter and son-in-law, Deborah and Mike Turner. They were in Atlanta and drove over for the day. We enjoyed lunch with my other daughters, Annette and Laura, and son-in-law, Ricky Adams. Deborah and Mike took me for a drive around areas of Pell City that I had not visited in a long time. Afterwards, we went to Annette and Tommy‘s (Snow) home to help celebrate Tommy’s birthday with cake, pie, and ice cream. It was a really nice surprise. I love being with my children.

The Pell City High School Archery team beat Moody High in the Archery Match on Jan. 21. Alyssa Ingram took 1st place and Lorelei Powell took 3rd place in the girls’ division. Channing Peoples took 3rd place in the boys’ division. Congratulations to Tad Euler and family.

At CEPA, - PCHS Winter Cabaret, Jan. 30-31 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm. On Feb. 6 from 6-9 p.m., the Mr. and Miss Duran North Pageant. Feb. 7 from 6-10 p.m. the Miss Pell High Pageant.

On Feb. 4th, CEPA will celebrate St. Clair County’s most talented and dedicated performers in the Spotlight program representing CEPA’s all ages, county wide drama education network. Join them at 5pm for Cocktail Hour, pm for the Awards Ceremony. Spotlight is sponsored by Jefferson State Community College, Hargray, Alabama State Council on the Arts, and Trussell, Funderburg, Rea, Bell, & Ferguson. Attire is Business to semi-formal.

The Black Jacket Symphony presents Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” at CEPA Feb. 13-14. Go to pellcitycenter.com for more information and tickets.

Taylor Hicks will be performing at CEPA on Feb. 15th from 7-10 p.m. Tickets run from $50-$75. Check out pellcitycenter.com for more information. This event will benefit the Pell City Business & Professional Women Scholarship Program.

The Pell City Police Department is partnering with the Alabama Law Enforcement Torch Run again to have our first Polar Plunge in Pell City to raise awareness and funds for Special Olympics! They are looking for sponsorships, agencies to form teams to plunge, businesses to have teams, any other group to form a team or join our Pell City Police Department Team and plunge! Sponsors names will be on the back of the shirt and 100% of the proceeds to the Alabama Law Enforcement Torch Run! Fee is $30.00 and includes a long sleeve shirt! Costume Contest as well with prizes! For more information please call the Pell City Police Department at 205-884-3334. Event will be held on Feb. 15 at Lakeside Park from 11a.m.-1p.m.

On Feb 29, from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., the 11th Annual Tablescapes Fundraising Luncheon will take place at the Beacon Hall, First United Methodist Church in Pell City. Tickets are $30 each. Enjoy a Silent Auction, Raffle Items, purse sale, and door prizes. Along with a scrumptious lunch, you will enjoy listening to Elvis. This benefits the Christian Love Pantry and Lakeside Hospice. For more information, call 205-884-1111.

For you Science buffs out there, the Pell City Library holds a STEAM Club Meeting each Wed. afternoon from 4:30 p.m.-5:30.

Congested? Tip from a nurse at St. Vincent Hospital, Downtown, drink Ginger and Lemon tea, with Probiotics (Bigelow), adding fresh lemon and honey. Lemons contain lots of vitamin C which is necessary for our immune system. And honey is a superfood, which will help coat and soothe your throat, control a cough, and promote a restful night’s sleep. So, at least one in morning and one before bedtime. Eucalyptus essential oil can help ease body aches from flu and clear nasal passages. Fennel oil can help as a cough expectorant. Stay well.

Don’t be late. Registration deadline for the 2020 Spring Sports season for Baseball, Softball and Soccer is now. Go by the Pell City Civic Center and sign up anytime during regular business hours.

The Annual Lakeside Hospice Tablescape fundraiser, on Feb. 23 from 11 a.m.-1p.m., at The Beacon at First United Methodist Church - Pell City, AL Entertainment will be the Pell City High School Show Choir. It will benefit Lakeside Hospice and the Christian Food Pantry. For tickets and tables, call 884-1111.

The Pell City First United Methodist Church has a new ministry: Share-A-Snack. This new ministry provides snacks during the school day for children in need at Iola Roberts, Kennedy, Eden, and Coosa Valley Elementary Schools. This is in addition to the weekly Pack-A-Snack they provide for these children.

The PCFUMC Ageless Wonders are planning a trip to Blue Springs Water Company in Blountsville on Monday, Feb. 10.

A bell tower located on the campus of the University of Alabama was built to honor university president George Denny in the 1920s. But since 1947, people have visited Denny Chimes to see the handprints of famous athletes who served as team captains for the Crimson Tide, including Joe Namath, Ray Ogden, Kenny Stabler, Mike Shula, and many more.

I pray that this year will bring blessings, good health, peace and joy. Please pray daily for our country, it’s leaders and for Israel. Please contact me at 338-7746 or send information to annette_snow@yahoo.com.

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