Hello everyone. Friday is Christmas Day, the day we celebrate Jesus’ birthday. I hope you remember that all the gifts and fun we enjoy on Christmas is just part of the reason we celebrate.

Congratulations to the Pell City High School Girls and Boys Basketball team. They both beat very good John Carroll High School teams on Thursday, the 17th. They played more games this week so I will get you those results in next column.

Cropwell Baptist Church spread some Christmas cheer on Dec. 20, when they went caroling to some of their homebound members. What a special idea.

The latest in news from the Pell City School system is that those schools that are on the A/B schedule for Traditional students will continue that schedule through Jan. 15. Then on Tuesday, they will begin the new semester with every Traditional student physically attending school Monday-Thursday. Friday will a virtual day for students, giving the cleaning crews a day to thoroughly clean each school.

The Pell City School System has also announced a WiFi on the Go Program from LeanStream. This is a program for our Pell City Schools families where they can get a portable hotspot device and unlimited 4G/LTE data and internet for only $38.50 per month. There are no contracts or hidden fees. Use it at home, in the car, on vacation, at work or anywhere else T-Mobile offers coverage. Connect computers, smart TVs, tablets, video game consoles, and anything else that uses WiFi to connect to the internet. It is a great way for you and your family to stay connected wherever you are and is perfect for Christmas.

Just go to pellcityboardofeducation-al.leanstreamrp.com, click the "WiFi on the Go" button and fill out the form. Make sure and enter your child’s student email or employee email on the form. When it takes you to PayPal, just make your $38.50 payment online and the hotspot will be shipped to your mailbox ready to go. It’s really that easy. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact LeanStream at info@leanstreamrp.com, at 833-943-4463, or on social media at @leanstreamrp.com.

Happy birthday to my grandson, Ryan Snow, Bubba Graham, Maygen Tate, Joseph Whitehouse, Susan Coleman Pilkington, Cynthia Coleman Cochran, and Beth Coleman Jones.

On Saturday, Dec. 19, friends, Usrey Funeral Home and St. Clair Memorial Gardens held a ceremony honoring over 300 fallen veterans by placing wreaths on their graves.

Please pray for all our military personnel and their families who are serving close to home and far away, including my granddaughter’s best friend, Leah Harris (Kuwait), Matthew Dorough (South Korea), Connor DuBose (South Korea), Ryan Warmack, Max Knepper, Wesley Smith, Sam Richardson, Lynn Holtam (grandparents are my friends, Robert and Bobbie Holtam).

Please remember the families of James Wansart, Ruth Dillard, Kyle Braden, Jerme “Hambone” Hamby, Kenneth “Bud” Gulledge, Virginia Moreland, Martha Louise Glass, Michael Philip Brantley, Madeline Mitchell, Deborah Freeman, Kerry Blaine Bowlen, Paul Story, and Christine Fambrough Hawkins who passed away recently.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. God bless you. I pray that this year will bring you blessings, good health and peace and joy. Please contact me with information and news at 338-7746 or email it to annette_snow@yahoo.com.

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