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The Moody Police Department has installed six new automated license plate readers (ALPRs) throughout the city. The cameras were installed in locations determined in partnership with the city of Moody with the goal of catching criminals, preventing, and solving crimes.

According to Flock Safety, the FBI estimates property crime victims suffered a collective loss of $15.6 billion in 2016, and that approximately 87 percent of nonviolent crimes in our country remain unsolved. This is often due to a lack of evidence that police say starts with the license plate. The Atlanta Police Foundation notes that when an area is properly covered, crime can be reduced by 30 to 50 percent as better evidence necessary to solve crimes can be provided from the footage cameras capture.

Moody Police Department Detective Sgt. Christopher Johnson stated, “We are committed to providing a safe environment for the citizens and visitors of Moody. We believe that everyone deserves to live, eat, shop, and travel in our city without having to worry about being the victim of a crime. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. For those that do not, we have, and will continue to, seek to resolve crimes against our residents and visitors utilizing a combination of dedicated professionals and the most effective technology available to us. To that end, we have partnered with Flock Safety.”

Flock Safety, a venture-backed startup based in Atlanta, is a crime-solving company that provides security for neighborhoods, small businesses, and law enforcement. With its 24 hour wireless cameras designed to capture license plates, Flock Safety gathers information that can be used by local police to investigate crime and is using that technology to solve two or more crimes a day, nationwide.

The solar-powered, 24-hour wireless cameras were provided by Flock Safety and have the ability to capture a vehicle’s license plate day or night, as well as the make, model, and color. Timestamps are also included in recordings, making it easy to search for a specific vehicle. As a part of the installation, the Moody Police Department, with the permission of any private Flock Safety camera owners in their jurisdiction, is provided with access to footage made by the cameras in order to quickly respond to any incidents in the district.

The cameras have already proven to be a valuable asset to the community. Moody Police Department has worked and solved numerous cases with just one camera in their arsenal. This includes stolen tags and cars from Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, as well as the seizure of various illegal narcotics, and wanted suspects across the southeast region.

Moody Police believe the program will not only be critical to continuing to solve crimes, but that it will also be a major force in deterring crime as well.

“We think criminals will quickly get the message that if you commit a crime in the city of Moody, you won’t get away with it,” said Chief Thomas Hunt.

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