Moody High School Class of 2019

Moody High School Class of 2019 has 168 graduates. 

The Moody High School Class of 2019 has 168 graduates. Seventy-two students received 210 scholarship offers in the amount of $3,660,766 to date.  In addition, some students have enlisted in the military and have a total of $530,304 worth of education benefits and scholarships available to them. That brings the total offers for this class to $4,191,070.

Moody High School has 21 Honor Graduates and their names are listed below.  The two Honor Graduates with the highest numeric academic average are Hannah Bailey and Mollie Stone.

Ashley Arrington

Emma Bagby

Hannah Bailey

Clay Birchfield

Lauren Cherry

Hayley Cunningham

Jackie Dang

Lorena Garcia

Cameryn Kerr

Zac Mason

Destiny Mathis

Anthony Matthews

Izzy Newman

Odalys Ordonez

Roshan Patel

Andrew Price

Mattie Sparks

Brooke Sprayberry

Mollie Stone

Anna Wilkes

Matthew Willingham

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