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On August 7, 2018, the Alabama Public Service Commission approved a proposal by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator to add an additional code to the geographical area now served by area code 205. The new area code was needed because insufficient numbers are remaining in the area code 205 to satisfy customer demand.

Ten-digit dialing is already required for long distance calls but adding a second area code to a geographical area where one already exists requires the area code plus the 7-digit phone number be dialed to complete all calls.

From April 13 of this year through October 11, consumers in area code 205 were permitted to dial either 7 digits or 10 digits to complete local calls.

Beginning Saturday, October 12, local calls will not be completed within area code 205 unless the area code and the 7-digit number are dialed. If a 7- digit phone number is dialed without preceding it with the area code, the caller will receive a recorded message advising them to dial the area code along with the 7-digit telephone number.

The change to 10-digit dialing will have no effect on whether calls are billed as local or long- distance by your service provider. Calls that are currently local calls will remain local calls.

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