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Leeds and Moody are open for business as retail shops and local businesses reopen with the COVID-19 restrictions loosening as the April shelter-in-place order expired. The new state order through May 15 allow retail businesses to open.

The Outlet Shops of Grand River opened on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. El Zarape, Auntie Ann’s, Frozen Rooster, Mountain High Outfitters, Sbarro, Skechers and the Uniform Outlet were among the outlet shops that reopened. Mum & Me Mercantile, Pants Store, Right Stuff Bargain Center and Pioneer General Store Antique Market also re-opened with plenty of excitement. Lowe’s, Walmart, CVS, Mills Pharmacy, Parkway Pharmacy, Warren Family Nursery, Crawford Nursery & Garden Center, Publix, Food Giant, Cost+ 10 are continuing business as usual. LA Salon Flowers & Boutique also opened this week. This retail shop is offering a choice of 10% discount on one clothing item or free 15-minute tan with purchase. They have a lot of new ladies clothing items and accessories in stock as well as home décor, flowers and more.

If you are uncertain about whether any stores are open or not, please call them direct or check their social media pages and websites for information.

Everyone is encouraged to continue proper precautions with COVID-19 prevention, social distancing guidelines remain in effect and still no gatherings of 10 persons or more. Also, gyms, hair salons, senior centers and more remain closed. I don’t know about you, but my COVID-19 hairdo is beginning to look a little ragged!

Moody and Leeds City buildings remain closed to the public, but are available to the public by phone and online. City meetings are gradually moving from virtual to in-person meetings while still observing the social distancing guidelines and the public can watch these meetings online. Both cities have cancelled their spring baseball sports leagues. Leeds Youth Sports League plans to offer summer flag football, fall baseball, softball along with tackle football for their youth this year.

MainStreet Family Care and Mills Pharmacies are both providing COVID-19 testing. For more information, please visit and

The Grand River Car Show scheduled for this Saturday, May 9 has been cancelled and will be rescheduled later in the year. This event is hosted by the Shops of Grand River and sponsored by Miss Leeds Area’s Outstanding Teen, Emma Terry, to benefit ALS.

This Sunday, May 10 is Mother’s Day. We all feel that we have the best mom in the whole wide world and I truly believe that I do! I am very blessed to have a mother who is now 84 years old and still “running and gunning”. She works full time at a very tedious job. She’s an avid reader and most often has a wonderful smile on her face, not to mention she is a wonderful Godly lady. When we think of what kind of gift to get for our moms, sometimes, it can be a difficult task. Most of the time, moms already have pretty much whatever they want. If you are struggling with that special gift this year, here are a couple of ideas. First and foremost, give the gift of time. What better way to say I love you than to spend some quality time with your mom! Give her some undivided attention. Talk about some childhood stories about when you were a kid. Bring back some of those wonderful memories that your mom can reminisce over. Help your mom indulge in the recollection of the past. She will love the experience. Next, perform an act of kindness for her. Last year, my brother and I took care of mom’s flower beds and planted some new shrubs and flowers. She was more thrilled with that than anything else we could think of. It’s not always the dollar amount that counts. It’s the little things that mean so much. Be creative and have fun with your mother this year!

Alabama is one of the states subject to lose congressional seats unless we do a good job with the 2020 Census reporting. If you have not completed the census for your household, it is very important to do so as quickly as possible so you will be counted. Due to COVID-19, dates have been shifted in the operations to get everyone counted this year. The self-response phase was originally scheduled for March 12 – July 31. The revised schedule is March 12 – October 31. That doesn’t mean you can procrastinate, but it will give you a little more time if you have been consumed with our state of emergency and not had time to do your part with the census. Please remember that the census is completely safe and not only our congressional seats are in jeopardy, not being properly counted can result in loss of federal funding to our local municipalities for social programs that many of our residents rely on. From school lunches, plans for highways, support for firefighters and families in need, the impact in our community is great so please do your part and submit your household census count at as soon as possible.

Thought for the Week: Do everything with a good heart and expect nothing in return, and you will never be disappointed. ~Unknown

I thoroughly enjoy sharing information, news and calendar items with you each week and I thank you for reading my column. Please send any news to me at and have a great week!

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