Anna Knepper (center) receives a tennis scholarship with Wallace State. Pictured (l-r) Wallace State tennis coach Tony Franklin, Scott Knepper, Anna Knepper, and Lori Knepper. Photo by U. Glidewell

Pell City High School Senior Anna Knepper has been playing tennis for five years and that hard work got the notice of Coach Tony Franklin of Wallace State.

“Sara Stewart (tennis coach) contacted me about Anna and I came to watch her practice,” said Franklin. “She is a hard worker and I was very impressed with her work ethic.”

The Pell City High School tennis team has lessons with Coach Sara Stewart and the season coach is Jennifer Lee.  Coach Jennifer Lee couldn’t be more proud of her team during her first year of coaching. 

“This is the first of many (scholarships),” Lee said. “Use this as motivation to get those grades in the classroom.” 

The tennis team, friends, family including Kneppers parents Scott and Lori Knepper were in  attendance at the Pell City Center for Education and Performing Arts to watch her sign a letter of intent with Wallace State and accept her tennis scholarship.

“I’m very interested in studying architecture,” Anna Knepper said. “I toured Wallace State and it is a really nice school. Everyone was very open and friendly.”

Knepper will graduate from Pell City High School in May and attend Wallace State in 2019.

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