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Get the details on Classic Car Wash in Pell City

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Terry Ogle, owner of Classic Car Wash in Pell City, has cleaned “everything except an airplane” during his career.

Ogle has been the owner of Classic Car Wash located in Pell City for almost a decade.  It is the only full-service car wash in St. Clair County.

Before life at the Classic Car Wash, Ogle was a real estate developer in Atlanta for 30 years. After retirement, he moved to Pell City and purchased the car wash. “I’ve always been interested in the car wash business, and this gives me something to put my time into,” said Ogle. When he opened up the Classic Car Wash, it was just he and one other employee.  Since then, the business has continuously grown and he now keeps 8-10 employees on his staff.

“Business is great, people really like the hands-on treatment the cars get, “Ogle said.

His emphasis on quality is shown throughout the car wash process. “We always have at least one guy who preps the cars before they go into the automatic car wash, and then a couple people who dry it afterwards.” He says that this process ensures that the vehicles are thoroughly cleaned, something that is no guarantee at hands-free car washes.

An additional aspect of the full-service car wash is their pickup option.  For an additional $10, with the purchase of a full-service wash, Terry will come pick up your car from your home or office, get it washed, and return it to you after it has been serviced.

Another thing that sets the Classic Car Wash apart from other car washes is the versatility of services they offer.  In addition to basic vehicles, they can clean anything from motor homes to boats.

The Classic Car Wash has a website that features all the specials they offer and additional coupons and deals. One of the most exciting specials is a free car wash if it is a customer’s birthday.  Another way they encourage customers to come back is the rewards card you are given when you go. After nine car washes, you are awarded a free ultimate or full service car wash.

Fortunately for Terry, the rewards and coupons aren’t the only incentive for his loyal customers to keep coming back.  “Every time we get a first-time customer, they are always impressed with our services and tell us they’ll keep coming back,” says Ogle. All the work done at the Classic Car Wash comes with a satisfaction guarantee. For more information regarding their specials and more, check them out on Facebook or visit their website at