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The St. Clair County High School concession stand was destroyed by a fire on Friday morning. Photo courtesy of Trese Mashburn

A fire at the St. Clair County High School concession stand is under investigation. The fire started Friday morning. Friday night’s game against Munford was moved to Moody. 

When Mike Howard heard the concession stand was on fire, he initially thought it was a joke before realizing it wasn’t.

“I couldn’t believe how much damage can be done in such a short amount of time when it comes to a fire. It’s a total loss,” he says.

Flames broke out when a volunteer was cleaning out the concessions stand. Grease is believed to be the culprit. 

“Having the press box above the concession stand, too. Now you affect everything because you can’t operate a scoreboard, you can’t do any announcements over the loud speaker, you can’t do anything else. It cripples you when you lose something like that,” Howard says.

With the facility being unavailable for Friday night’s game, Moody High School was quick to offer help.

“It was a no-brainer to allow those guys to use our facilities,” says Moody High Coach Adam Wallace. “Being in the same county, we want to be a good neighbor. If we were in the same boat, they’d do it for us also."

The change will mean the St. Clair seniors won’t get to play on their home field any more this year. St. Clair High coach Matt Glover knows that’s tough. 

“We had three more home games this year and more than likely we'll have to move all the games to opposing stadiums,” Glover says.

“I feel bad for them, but we still got homecoming. We’ll l have to play homecoming at a different place. But we’ll adjust and keep going and do what we’ve got to do.” 

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