Penny & Jenny

Alex Bain, a center employee, leads Penny and Jenny, mixed-hound sisters that are currently available for adoption at the Pell City Animal Control Center. Photo by Urainah Glidewell

Every year, an average of 3.3 million dogs enter shelters. Not all of them make it out.

That is why the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is raising awareness through October for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Locally, the Pell City Animal Control Center is participating by offering a new “Fixed and Fabulous” program. Dogs and cats that have already been spayed or neutered are available for only a $25 adoption fee. These pets have also been vaccinated and microchipped.

The Pell City Animal Control Center will be bringing some of these dogs to participate in Avondale Mills Day, an event in downtown Pell City on Oct. 28. There will be a puppy parade and pets will be available for adoption. There will also be applications for foster and volunteer opportunities with the animal control center.

Currently, there are approximately 60 dogs and 50 cats available for adoption or foster at the center, with more coming every day from throughout St. Clair County. Since Sept. 2016, the center has received 7,520 animals through owner surrender and stray captures.

“During the past fiscal year we took in 3859 animals and had 528 adoptions, 213 reclamations, and 584 sent to rescue,” Pell City City Manager Brian Muenger stated. “During the same period we sold 384 low-cost spay/neuter certificates. Since we started the partnership (with local veterinarian offices) for those certificates in November 2015, we have sold 1,030.”

While finding a “forever home” is a top priority for the control center, the animals that come in have many needs. Besides food, shelter, and grooming many can have health needs that are addressed with medication. The center is always in need of donations in other areas to help care for the animals.

“Right now we are also doing our winter-time blanket drive, particular fleece blankets,” Shannon Van Scoy, director of the Pell City Animal Control Center said. “And we are always in need of cat litter and visitors. Visitors make the animals happy, and happy pets get adopted.”

Donations can be brought to the Pell City Animal Control Center located at 1071 Airport Rd., Pell City. Fleece blankets are requested because of their durability and easy maintenance. Food, toys, pet food serving dishes, and monetary donations are also accepted.

Recently, the Pell City City Council approved additional funding for outdoor kennels to be built so the dogs would have more outdoor access. The kennels will also be available to place dogs in while volunteers and center employees clean the indoor kennels. The kennels are almost complete and there are plans to build more in the future.

Despite ongoing efforts of officials and control center workers, many pets are still unable to find homes. Health, injuries, feral, vicious or aggressive behavior, and space account for many reasons animals are euthanized. Approximately 670,000 dogs and 86,000 cats are euthanized in the U.S. each year. In the local Pell City Animal Control Center, 4716 animals were euthanized due largely to health issues.

Over 2,000 were adopted, reclaimed, fostered, or sent to rescue.

For more information about the Pell City Animal Control Center, to volunteer, or make a donation, call 205-814-1567 or visit

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