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Good money management is a habit, an everyday task that is especially important if you need to stick to a plan to make ends meet. Over the years, thousands of people have utilized a money management calendar to help them manage their money better. It helps you to see where your money is going day by day.

The 2020 Money Management Calendar, published by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, is now available at the St. Clair County Extension office. One of Extension's most popular publications, the calendar is a resource that can improve budgeting skills for individuals and families.

The purpose of the calendar is to help you plan and control your family’s expenses for the year. It can be used as an overall guide for the entire year or for short-term planning. The calendar provides a place to list fixed, occasional and flexible expenses for each month of the year. Using the calendar regularly not only can help consumers build better money management skills but also determine comfort levels with using a budget.

The calendar is also a great money management tool for family members out on their own, such as college students and young married couples. Stop by the St. Clair County Extension office, located on the lower level of the St. Clair County Courthouse in Pell City in Suite #103/BO4 and pick up your free copy. The calendar is also available at libraries across the county.

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