Happy birthday to my cousin Jennifer Alverson Johnson, Dec. 15, my great-granddaughter, Chloe Scott, Dec. 16, my son, Jay Scott, and my grandson, T. J. Reach, who both celebrate Dec. 24. Also happy birthday to my friend Tabitha Hanner, Dec. 26 and my cousin and friend, Jerry Willingham, Dec. 31.

Let us keep a prayer vigil for all family members who have had a family member pass away this year. It is very difficult to suffer their absence at Christmas time. My siblings, Kay, Jalta, Cliff and I will greatly miss our sister, Ginny Black who passed away July 12, 2020.

Friday, Dec. 25 is Christmas Day, an annual holiday celebrating the birth of Christ. Let us not let the coronavirus pandemic and its restrictions dampen our spirit and attitude.

Let’s stay cheerful and grateful for our blessings not only on Christmas Day but every day. Most importantly, let us express our love for each other and to each other daily.

I wish all you readers and their families a Merry Christmas!

When you have news items to share, please call me at 205-884-0040. Thank you.

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