Five golden-retriever mix puppies were placed in foster care through an ASPCI program. 

Animal Savers of Pell City, Inc. (ASPCI) , formally, Animal Shelter of Pell City, Inc., is a non-profit animal welfare organization. They are dedicated to reducing the number of unwanted animals in the area through programs that are designed specifically to save animals from shelters.

ASPCI has three programs that benefit pets and their pet owners.

The Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) program saves lives by preventing unwanted animals from being born, which eliminates the need for pet owners to take unwanted animals to a shelter or place them on the side of the road. SNAP is available to any resident whose household income is $49,000 or less. The program is made possible through partnership arrangements with 10 veterinarian clinics who charge ASPCI a reduced rate. Funds from SNAP certificate fees, aluminum can recycling, donations, and grants dedicated to SNAP are used to pay the veterinarian fees. The difference between SNAP income received and the surgery fees/payroll expenses averages $31.50. ASPCI generates funds to cover the shortfall through aluminum can recycling, donations, grants, fundraisers, and retained earnings from prior years. They do not receive funding from any government entity.

ASPCI has one part-time employee. This employee manages the office that sells SNAP Certificates. 512 SNAP certificates have been issued thus far this year with a redemption rate of 96 percent.

SNAP Financials: January – June 2019

Income $32,140.00: Fees from SNAP certificate sales

Expense $52,108.23: Veterinarian fees for surgeries, payroll & office expenses

Shortfall $19,968.23: Funds to pay the difference comes from aluminum can recycling, donations, grants, fundraisers, and retained earnings from prior years

ASPCI also works with pet owners who can no longer keep their pets. ASPCI facilitates an adoption arrangement for their pet. They seek other rescue organizations who need pets for adoption and arrange for transport. In addition, they have a partnership with another non-profit that coordinates with shelters throughout central Alabama that need to transport adoptable animals to rescue organizations in other states. So far this year, the Rescue/Transport Program has saved over 1,200 animals from shelters in Alabama.

Rescue/Transport Financials: January – June 2019

Income $10,079.00: Fees from receiving rescue organizations

Expense $18,367.00: Medical supplies and transport expenses

Shortfall $8,288.00: Funds to pay the difference comes from donations and fundraisers

The SNAP and Rescue/Transport programs are not fully funded from the income they generate. ASPCI holds a major fundraising event in the early part of each year, as well as a Friends Drive at the end of each year to raise funds to supplement these programs as necessary.

ASPCI also manages the Alabama Pet Cemetery where pet owners can inter their deceased pets in a perpetually maintained cemetery. The Alabama Pet Cemetery fund has retained earnings from previous years to cover expenses as needed.

Alabama Pet Cemetery Financials: January – June 2019

Income $1,823.00: Source of income burial fees

Expense $2,234.00: Lawn maintenance, grave preparation, and casket inventory

Shortfall $411.00: Funded with retained earnings from prior years

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