Ashton Love

Ashton Love (center) signs a football scholarship with Faulkner University with the support of his family and coaches. Photo by U. Glidewell

Ashton Love loves football. He loves God even more. 

He’s been playing football at Victory Christian School in Pell City since seventh grade. Now a senior, he is graduating in May with a football scholarship to Faulkner University.

“I wanted to stay close to family and Faulkner is a Christian university, like I’m used to,” Love said. “God just opened doors and I’m walking through it.”

Love wants to major in sports management and become a coach or athletic director, like those who inspired him.

“Ashton is one of the hardest working young men. He’s always willing to do the extra work,” said Head Coach Mike Holliday. “That’s dedication and commitment. Everything will get closer to you with hard work.” 

Five senior athletes at Victory Christian have received scholarships for college in the fall, and Coach Holliday hopes the trend will continue.

“There are tons of opportunities for athletes to get a free education if they work hard,” said Coach Holliday. “Ashton doesn’t want to be mediocre or average, he wants to be more.”

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