The black cloud of fear seems to be passing.  People are getting out again.  Student sports are resuming.  Businesses and other activities and endeavors are operating.

The St. Clair County Alabama Extension Office had its plant sale at the Pell City Farmer's  Market. The golf course and restaurant, Tavern on the Grill, are opening and operating at regular hours.

For nature lovers there is always Yak Creek and Horse Pen 40.

This is big news.  There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that too much time indoors leads to depression.  The brain needs new surroundings and information to process.  This is just fancy worrded way of saying stir crazy is real.  And it's not a good thing.

But it isn't time to bask in the sun just yet. Social distance and masks are still encouraged at many  places and required.  And many are still feeling the economic effects of the pandemic.

To that end, tomorrow there will be a free food give away at Moody Highschool from noon until 3:00 p.m. A drivers license and St. Clair County bill is required.  Expect quick delivery.

Ashville High School is raising money for the running of the Bulldawgs, the cross country team.  They are selling peaches.  A twelve pound box is t$30.. The deadline to have orders and payments in is June 16. Twelve pounds, that is a lot of cobbler

On June 20th, the Traylor Sux Piece Band will be playing at a car show throughout the day.  Benefits go to the Shriners, a worthy organization dedicated mostly to fund children's medical treatments.  Expect more details as the date approaches 

Another Ashville student has done herself, her parents and her city pround.  Meghan Stark received her doctorate in genetics on May 16.  Well done, Miss Stark. Oh, excuse me, Dr. Stark.

Technology has changed our culture.  Some, advances in medical care among others, are good.  But so much is done online.  Some people spend all their time on social media talking to friends from grammar school and don't know their neighbor's names.

That is one of the things that makes Asheville so special.  They not only know their neighbors, they help them.  They celebrate them for jobs well done.  This city shines like gold in the earth as an example of community.

May it never change.

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