The city is losing no time getting back into its usual form and function. Ashvillians love to compete.  They love to win. They love to celebrate. And the love to learn.

The country is becoming increasingly more urban. Fewer and fewer farms are see. But agricultural organizations are standing firm. They are also standing by the farmer to help him use natural resources to grow produce and raise livestock.

The St. Clair County Farmer's Federation is one of those organizations.

It will be holding its regular meeting on Monday, January 13th at 6:00 pm.

But there is something exceptional about this regular meeting. And that is the guest speaker, Marlee Moore.

Moore is a graduate of Auburn University. She interned with the Federation in 2015. The following year, she joined as a communications specialist.

Now, she is the Director of Social media for Alabama's Farmers Federation, the largest in the state.

Moore's responsibility, her goal and her vision is to develop a broader communication among those employed or those interested in the agricultural industry through posting, digital and video. The title of her speech is,"Get Social: Sharing Your Farm Stories with Social Media.”

The St. Clair County Farmer's Federation is very excited to have Moore as a speaker. And it is a unique opportunity to learn and share - and learn what others have shared - about combining the timeless art and science that is agriculture with 21st century technology.

Additionally, there will be a catered supper. Those interested in attending this exciting educational opportunity are asked to RSVP. Call 205-529-6025. The event is being hosted by Alfa on Hiwy 231.

Listen. Learn, eat and enjoy, Ashville. And don't forget where your dinner came from: America's farmers!

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