There is a saying in the news business. Don't bury the lead.  But there is so imuch happening and so much to be proud of.  It is hard to know where to start.

Ashville loves their Bulldawgs.  And, this Fall, Ashville Dawg Talk will premier. More details as the date approaches.

Ashville is proud of their youth.  And St. Clair County is pleased to announce that Logan Glass has started a charter of The Young Republican Party in St. Clair County.  Logan returns the appreciation.

"I'm very appreciative to St. Clair County for supporting me one hundred percentt in my endeavor.  It is my goal to get young conservatives involved in their party and the political system."

Regardless of political opinions, one has to admire this young man's social conscious and ambition.

Dan Davidson of Claredan Farms presented his wife with an unusual gift.  The farm already has goats, chickens horses and more.  What more could a girl want?

Why a kangaroo of course!

ROOdy is two years old.  He weighs 25 pounds.  He still takes a bottle and wears diapers.  But he is a Red Kangaroo, the largest kind.  Full grown, he will weigh 200 pounds.  But the Davidsons are not concerned.

"He makes people happy," Claire says.  And that is no small gift at any time.  That is particularity true in these times 

To that end, the Springville Walmart is offering Covid-19 testing Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7a.m. until 4p.m. weather permitting for adults.  People must meet the CDC criteria for high rusk and be at least 18 years old.

Clearly, this includes first responders and health care workers.  I don't think I'm speaking just for myself when I ask these people to be extra  vigilant.  The world needs you and more people like you.

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