Kristin Fill Simpson is a self described happily married mother of three.  She  owns and operates a company she started.  Starshine Faces provides face painting, and glitter art for children's birthday parties, celebrations events and more. She is a dynamic and ambitious woman.

She is also one of the most important citizens in Asheville.

Mrs. Simpson's passion for her community can be seen in her social media.  She's often first to report on the city's schools: openings, closings, tweakings.  She is a source for everything relating to the community from town events and activities like sports, both school and community: sign up and deadline dates, costs, etc.

She may even know what the uniforms look like before anyone else sees them.

Mrs. Simpson can is also a source for up to the second Ashville updates regarding  traffic jams and weather Her scope of knowledge goes beyond what is about Ashville to that which effects everyone.  And she doesn't just inform she participates and encourages others to do the same.  She was seen encouraging people to take the 2020 census.  She has also created a gallop poll on how people are educating their children from traditional to homeschooling and virtual schools.

It is people like Kristen Dill Simpson who make a community in the truest sense: accent on unity.  She serves townsfolks not only with information.  She brings them together with that information.  Citizens are learning what she shares as a Ashvillians, they read about their best, brightest citizens and cheer for the home team.

Mrs. Simpson, you are a driven and dedicated citizen and a wonderful example for others.  But please do me a favor.  Don't take my job.

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