The sun is becoming visible from behind the clouds 

Businesses are reopening or expanding their hours. Those of us in desperate need of a trim have only to make at Twisted Scissors.  Yellow Jacket Pest Control is operating.  Excellent news as no one wants to be stuck inside with vermin.  B's Grill and Barbeque is offering to cater graduation parties.  

The restaurant on the golf course in Oneonta is not only opening, they are hiring servers, bartenders and kitchen staff.  They prefer people apply in person at 1364 Heritage Road, Oneonta, Al 35121.

This means not only a good meal and time out of the house, but potential employment for those who have lost income.  Ashville's Facebook page has other employment opportunities from housekeeping to house painting.  Some are temporary.  Others are full time and even essential.

Charitable activities are resuming.  In an extended marathon called Miles for Meals, Ashville students ran 353 miles in five days to raise a whopping 2,597.75. These kids have the hearts of Lions...and the legs of Cheetahs!  And a big thank you to those who organized the event, sponsors and donors.

Mike Howard, Superintendent of St.Clair County Schools, has announced that the free and reduced lunch program will resume barring unforseeable circumstances.  They have added new sites.  Lunches will be served every Tuesday from 11:00a m. until 1:00p.m.

The sunshine is looming; but it is not quite time to put the umbrellas away just yet.

Birmingham Quarantine First Responders are still asking urgently for clothing.  Charitable citizens are keeping the Blessings Box Full.  Community sports have, for the most part been cancelled, parents refunded.  School officials are still waiting for the directives regarding graduation.

Some businesses still require masks to enter.  Celebrities on television tell us to stay at home.  And a safe social distance is still advised.

So, the sky is not quite clear yet.  But there can be no doubt that the the citizens of this fair city will be cautious but optimistic.  You will be brave but not reckless.  You will give what they have so others can take what they need.

You will be Ashvillians.

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