Even in this climate of caution, concern and extreme care, Ashvillians keep on going. Anyone who has not friended the What's Happening in Ashville Facebook page should. The information it contains is far too vital.

Many businesses are closed. But some are opened with altered hours: The Two Sisters Cafe, Heritage Golf course and The Grill at Heritage and Gorgus Market to name just a few. Some have take out only, others have drive through. Some ask that customers call ahead with their orders. Information and phone numbers? On the Facebook page!

Ashville's local heroes advertise their services. The Blessings Box is well stocked. And Cindy Wood Parsons had kindly and selflessly offered to bring farm fresh eggs to those struggling to buy groceries. She prefers to be messaged privately via Facebook messenger. The Saint Clair County Extension Office Food and Safety Department is doing Cottage Food certificates over the phone. Angela Treadway is the contact person. (205) 420-3658.

There are economic, educational and entertainment opportunities online. Those who are losing or have lost income due to the virus can find employment offers. One woman is offering to teach piano lessons online. And there is a Salute to Conway Twitty concert online April 16.

Most importantly, virus testing is being offered at Pell City High School. They do require that those who wish to be tested have symptoms: dry cough, fever, etc. For more information, call (205)338-5737.

Not everyone is on Facebook. It is easy to join. Or check out a friend's page. Those who are on Facebook just have to send "What's Happening in Ashville" Facebook page and send a request. It usually takes less than 24 hours.

There is no suggestion implied that anyone not interested should become a Facebook fan. In fact, I hope families who are homebound are taking this time to enjoy each other instead of relying on technology to entertain them: everyone texting gaming and streaming in different rooms. There are board games and other diversions that include the entire family.

Who knows when we will have another opportunity to do so?

But, sometimes technology is needed. And this is one of those times. Whether you are in need or have something to offer, this is the place to do it. This is the time to do it.

And, since your online anyway, Google how you can help with what you have to offer. Google how to get what you need if you don't want to ask publicly. Google games for the whole family and all ages.

Well done, Ashville for keeping so much going and so many offering their services. Kudos to the businesses, owners and employees, still offering goods and services. Thank you to Cindy Wood Parsons, the volunteers at The Blessings Box and everyone else willing to give their time and resources for nothing in return. It is truly moving to see.

Moving, but in Ashville, not in the least surprising.

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