Hello, Ashville!

Your humble correspondent apologizes for last week's absence.  As always in this busy community, there is much to report. There are also many congratulations to made.

Legends Bar is collecting for a family who lost their home and everything in it to a fire.  Clothing, toys and more are needed.  

The Ashville Blessings Box is stocked full of food for anyone in need.

Anyone who has lost a dog, contact the animal shelter.  A sweet, docile, underfed mixed breed was just found.  This little guy and many other animals could use a home.

More information about all of the above can be found on the What's Happening in Ashville Facebook page.  Not a member? Join!  Don't miss an opportunity for anything from a job to a yard sale to news about your fellow Ashvillians who require assistance.

Ashville has always demonstrated its sense of community in many ways.  One of which is coming together to help one of their own when help is required.  Another is by recognizing its helpful citizens who go above and beyond being simply neighborly. Dale Beason was inducted into the St. Clair County Sports Hall of Fame. Verrel Wise was also honored for his work with Ashville Athletics.

On demonstrating a sense of community, what says unity like a team donning the same uniform, rooted on by their fellow athletes-cheerleaders-in similar uniforms, their coaches, parents, and other members of their school, town, city etc?  Different ages, races, backgrounds all come together to root for the home team.  Whatever their individual differences, on game day, they are one.

The Bulldogs are having a stellar year!  Athletes who made all country teams in almost every sport are too numerous to mention, but more than enough to do Ashville proud.

A special shout out to Ceaser Segura.  This impressive Asheville athlete won the Larry Bothwell Dream Maker Scholarship Award.  The honor was presented to him at The St. Clair County Sports Hall of Fame Banquet.  Way to go, Ceaser!  Way to go, Bulldogs!

And, as always, way to go, Ashville!

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