Ashville is known for having big big city amenities and a small town atmosphere. Recently someone posted a question about how to keep that small town atmosphere and boost the economy.

There were 407 replies.

Some called for things like a bowling alley or a swimming pool.  Others were more serious: local government and renovating downtown. There were some plugs for local businesses like The Greasy Cove General Store.

This is a charming store on Gallant road. It is like a farmers market with fresh fruit and veggies, bedding plants and more. The reply: "I didn't know y'all were down there."

And there's the rub.  Local businesses, advertise!  Not everyone is on Facebook. Some people avoid computers unless absolutely necessary.  People still read newspapers.

Of course, you know that.  Unless you're online, you're reading one right now.  Said general store was in Discover St. Clair magazine.  People still read those too.

Support your community.  Imagine that everyone who is able attends a local sports event.  That is potentially gas, possibly ticket prices unless it's free. They might even stop for a bite at a local restaurant. Local.

If it can be purchased in Asheville, purchase it in Ashville.  A small town atmosphere cannot be maintained if we wait for our weekly trip to Walmart and eat out at a chain restaurant.  Because if our locally owned businesses disappear, a big chain store might be coming to acres of pure and pristine woodlands near you.

Maintain your history, Ashville.  You have so much.  And the reason you have so much because generations before you have kept it.  They've entrusted you with it with the understanding you would pass it down to future generations.

A pool would be nice too. Membership or fee generating revenue for the city. A place for people to gather in a wholesome healthy environment and relief from the oppressive heat.  Sounds like something to bring up at the next town council meeting.

Good luck!

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