Sarah Crow is only in seventh grade. But this young artist has distinguished herself on a high level. Out of 70 contestants, This Ashville Middle Schooler placed first in the Third Congressional District Art contest. Her piece, entitled, "Inspire me World" will hang at the Capitol for one year. Considering her age, we are all looking forward to what she accomplishes as she grows in years and as an artist.

St. Clair County Senior, Taylor Canterbury, took second with his piece, "Henry the Bird". Out of the entire district, the top two were successful St. Clair County students. Well done, you two. Congratulations from we at the News Aegis and everyone between Jefferson and Talladega counties.

The Splash Pad had been closed due to COVID-19 until further notice. Chrystal St. John from the mayor's office said it will be open May 28th. Opening the Splash Pad says progress from last year's fear. It says hope. What better way to punctuate hope than with the sound of happy, laughing children?

Kids of all ages can also have fun next weekend at the beautiful, historic nature park, Horse Pen 40. Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will be craft fairs, food vendors, live music and dancing. Can't dance? There will also be line dancing lessons.

The cost is ten dollars per person. Kids under ten are free. Different events are scheduled for different days. For more information call 256-538-7439.

Ashvillians have so many reasons to be pleased: what you have accomplished, how far you've come from this time last year, and the joy you have to anticipate.

Better get everything on your to do list done this weekend because next weekend you will be a very busy bunch.

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