Ashville Elementary bids a sad goodbye but happy wishes to two retiring teachers. Ms.Bennett has served thirty-two years: Ms. McMurray twenty-five. They are much loved and will be sorely missed, but they have earned their rest and recreation after decades in one of the most difficult and important jobs in the world.

The Ashville School system also says goodbye to Trinity Buse and Logan Seawright. Buse has signed to dance at Montebello. Seawright signed to play in the band at Jacksonville. People who know them say they were an asset and a credit to the school with their daily mentoring of other students.

Like Ms. Murray and Ms. Ms. Bennett, they will be missed. Like the teachers, they have earned what lies ahead. Buse and Seawright are clearly kids with discipline, character and kindness.

Such exciting things ahead for all of you.

More congratulations to the Ashville High School Boys and Girls Soccer team members who were chosen for All County: Walker Griffith, Greyson Simpson, Clayton Knight, Joe Stevens, Emma Drinkard, Taylor Knight, Meghan McCarthy, KathleenMcCarthy, and Kayla Simpson.  That is a plentiful pack of powerful Dawgs! Good luck representing your county. Kick ball!

Ashville has kicked off Sumner with graduation ceremonies, the opening of the Splash Pad, the Ashville Library Summer Reading Program, community Summer sports.

For parents with children interested in improving their basketball skills, Flow Basketball Camp will be held June 17-19 from 8 a.m. until noon for athletes from first grade all the way to seniors.  The cost is $60. To register, go to the Flow Basketball Camp Facebook page.  

The season has only just begun. The events, programs, opportunities for educational and athletic enrichment, the fun has only just begun

So, keep reading. Keep watching. Stay informed or you just might miss something.

And that just wouldn't be Ashvillian.

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