This weekend one of Ashville's favorite eateries, The Huddle House, is celebrating our nation's veterans with "Sweetcakes.” Members of our armed forces will get free pancakes with showing of their military I.D. That's any variety of pancakes to any veteran, active duty or retired. And the offer extends to their families as well.

The Huddle House is also one of America's favorite eateries. Established in 1954, there are over 400 Huddle House restaurants in the U.S. It is one of America's favorite franchises and breakfast places. Yet it manages to maintain it's hometown feel making good on its promise to "Bring family and friends together over delicious food served from the heart."

What a fitting place to serve a tradition that has brought our nation together since its inception: honoring our veterans, the fallen heroes who gave their lives, those who made it home but are no longer with us, the retired and the.brave men and women still serving. Regardless of political position or personal opinion, we honor our troops.

So to Veterans and their families in the area, do the honor of allowing Ashville's Huddle House to honor you. Bring your families and enjoy your free pancakes at 37177 U.S. 231#1 Ashville.

The offer is good from November 8-11.

And even if you’re not a veteran or a family member, come help support the place supporting our soldiers. Enjoy hearty fare from the place that serves "Any meal any time."

You and yours will also have the opportunity, the pleasure, the privilege and the honor to thank a veteran for his or her service to our country. That alone is worth the trip.

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