Ashvillians, are you ready to trip the light fantastic?  Show off your moves?  Dance the night away?

Well, you better hurry.  Ashville Elementary School is hosting a Mother Son Valentine's Dance from 5 p.m.-7:00.  Daddy's and your little girls, don't feel left out.  A Father Daughter Dance will be this Feb. 8.

It is only a short window in a child's life in which a child is old enough to dance with his parents and young enough to be willing.  So, if you have children this age and can make it, please do. Soon the sight of us dancing in public will elicit comments such as, "What are you Doing?" Or, for the more dramatic, "Take me home before I die.  I literally want to die!"

Also on the eighth is registration for Ashville Community Softball and Baseball.  It begins at 9:30 at City Hall.  The cost is $30 (not bad for a season of excersise, character building, team work and fun in the sunshine!).  The deadline for registration is Feb. 16.

On the 8th and 9th, the ASLCI on Martin Street is having a discount on spaying and neutering pets:  cats are $20 and dogs are $40.  Pell City is not this correspondent's territory.  But too much cannot be said about the opportunity and necessity of controlling America's pet population.

Feb.12, the Fire Department is teaching a CPR class.  The cost is $30. For more information, contact 205-514-5186.  

On the Feb. 14, Cindy Harper,  SNAP ED teacher, will be holding a class on healthy eating in the basement at City Hall.  The attendees will get to same Balsamic vnegar roasted turkey salad. 

And the price is perfect: free! Questions?  Contact 205-338-9416.

On the Feb. 15, James Spann, the weather man will be at Gorgus Market from 10:30 a.m-1:30 p.m.  The Alabama celebrity will be signing his book, Weathering Life.

And co gratulations to J.C. Crowe.  This Ashville Elementary student won Best in Show at the Alabama Superintendents Elementary Arts Exhibit. Good job, J.C.!

Enjoy your busy week Ashville.  Dance, eat, learn to save a life, meet an Alabama celebrity, register your kids for sports. And if you see J.C., give him a well deserved pat on the back!

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