Springs brings green, new life in nature and a break in cabin fever for those imprisoned inside all winter.

This Saturday, there will be outdoor fun for the whole family at Ashville First Baptist Church's car show. See the classic automobiles. Enjoy the food, drinks and fun from 9:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.

Walking tours of downtown Springville begin the first Saturday in April and will continue every Saturday throughout the month. And it's free to see, among other things, a feed and grain store where a dog once had a charge account.

It was a Canine customer courtesy. Dogs have trouble with cash. No thumbs.

Anyone who hasn't should buy an April Showers Bring May Prizes raffle tickets. They are $25 but they are good for every draw. And they're giving away guns and gift cards for the Parks and Recreation Department. They have "put together something the kids will love."

Well done to Ashville Elementary for their success at Farm City's Poster Contest. Braelyn "Sissy" Kennedy, Aliee Strickland, and Debra Hill placed in the top 3 and there were many honorable mentions. And to Adrienne Hernandez, Ryleign Wade, and Sara Beth Potter for being chosen for the All County Basketball team. Outstanding Ashville bow and arrow Bulldogs for taking the County Championship.

And thank you to the Ashville High School Honor's Society. They raised $800 for Alzheimers. Good to see good kids working for a good cause.

Have a great week, Ashville. P.S. Not too early to start working on those April Fool's day jokes.

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