It is not news anymore: the Upping Block will be upended.

There were compelling reasons on both sides. The Upping Block is a part of Ashville's history. It is part of the historic district that is on The Department of Interiors list of national historic sites. It is a part of our nation's history.

But it has been sitting empty for a long time. The mayor and the town council want to put something there that will add value to the town. And a town cannot have too many Parks.

However, those who read the minutes of that meeting know what should have been an open forum turned into a heated debate between the mayor and his only opposition, Councilwoman Van Pelt. Agendas and character were called into question. At one point, the mayor threatened to resign.

You can't fight city hall. It is an old saying. That doesn't make it true. A lot of old sayings aren't true. Words can harm you. A pot will boil given the proper time and temperature regardless of whether it is being watched.

The advantage of a smaller city is easier access to local government to make voices heard. Petitions showing sufficient support of the community. Well reasoned arguments and alternative ideas on both sides are powerful ammunition in that battle.

But only a handful of citizens were there. None of them spoke. None of these weapons were employed. So, the meeting degenerated into little more than an argument between two people.

We can fight City Hall. We can support City Hall against opposition. We should. In fact, unless we want decisions that affect this city and its citizens' lives made by a town council who have no idea what we want because it has not been made known, we have to.

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