It has been said the children are the future.  If that is true,  Ashville's future is looking progressively better and brighter.  Their youth continue to distinguish themselves athletically, academically and in valor and eagerness to give to those in need.

The Ashville students raised nearly three thousand dollars in their Miles for Meals runathon: an impressive haul indeed. But it gets better.

When the doors opened at Piggly wiggly at 6:45 a.m., those students were there. They filled ten shopping carts with food for the families hit hardest by Covid 19. The food was shipped to Ashville High School and the families were notified to come take what they need.

To see people trying to help others through trying times is always good for the soul.  But this is particularly true of our youth. Particularly when teenagers get out of bed early enough to be anywhere by 6:45a.m.

Another Ashville student who has distinguished himself is Cesar Segura who has won a full scholarship to Yale University.

Just to be accepted into an Ivy League school is a tremendous accomplishment.  Every year more than 200,000 high school seniors apply.  Less than ten percent will find themselves sitting in the student section at the football games.

But they don't have Segura's resume.  His awards, accomplishments and distinctions include but are not limited to a 4.6 GPA, president of the Student Government Association and the national Honor society.  He was also named Mr. Ashville this  year.

And his gifts are not confined to the academic.  He has also distinguished himself in track and field, cross country, basketball and soccer.  There is no question this well rounded, multi talented young man has earned his place at one of the most prestigious colleges in the country.

All of Ashville's youth have earned their places in our hearts and our respect for showing effort, endurance, and generosity of spirit.  It is likely safe to speak for everyone when saying we cannot wait to see what you do next!

Oh, and a hearty nod to the parents who raised then, their extended families, teachers, coaches, and their community. Is it Ashville who made these young men and women?  Or do the young men and women who make Ashville?

Something to ponder.

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