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Ashville Cheerleader on the field last season supporting her team. Photo submitted

For parents of new cheerleaders, or returning cheerleaders, whether it’s basketball or football, there’s only two more days to register.

For those of you who weren’t planning to register, you might want to reconsider.  There are fees depending on whether a girl is new or returning, basketball or football. All of these can be found at

But the benefits are priceless.

Cheerleading has finally been recognized as a sport.  Some of the advantages of sports are obvious.  Exercise is healthy.  Anything that gets kids away from their phones, televisions, computers, or video games is a good thing.  And they are in a safe, chaperoned, environment. 

According to Health and Fitness Magazine, there is more to be gained than the obvious: advantageous that will last our kids the rest of their lives.

Youths who participate in athletics are less likely to skip school, experiment with drugs and alcohol, and more likely to go to college.  They learn self-discipline through practicing not only their sport, but restraint and self control.  They are more confident because they have a wider support group with coaches and parent volunteers as well as their teammates.  They learn the importance of teamwork and the individual as a part of that team.  They bond.  They learn to trust.  All these positives make them less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

Much of this is particularly true of cheerleading. 

A perfect model of teamwork and the individuals importance to that team than a pyramid.  Trust in their teammates is definitely required.  Just ask the girl on top.  Performing for a crowd helps overcome shyness, something that could impede them from book reports to professional presentations.  Also, it is by definition a positive endeavor.  Otherwise, it could not be called “cheer” leading.

But there’s something Health and Fitness missed.  The cheerleaders aren’t just cheering for the players on a court or field. They’re cheering for Ashville.

So, whether you have a child playing on the field or one cheering for their victory, come to the games. Athletics are a common cause, a shared goal, a tie to bind a community.


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