Inzer museum

The Inzer Museum in Ashville will be one of the stops during Ash Day, celebrating the founding of Ashville. 

Ashville is a city steeped in its storied past. From its charming town square to the Inzer and John Looney Museums, both full of documents containing information of its citizens’ own lineage, it is a place rich in historic places, figures, and lore.

And on August 17 at 9 a.m. it celebrates John Ash, the city’s founder and the man for whom it is named.

John Ash was born in 1783. A native of South Carolina, he lived in Georgia before making his way to Alabama. Ash would eventually flourish in his new home state. The first house in which he lived, the Ash-Newton Cabin, is the oldest structure in St. Clair County. He was the first man to be elected as St. Clair County Judge. Eventually, he would serve as a state senator. And he and his wife Margaret would be blessed with thirteen children!

The sojourn from South Carolina through Georgia to Alabama was a fascinating and, at times, a tragic one. It will likely be revealed when the festival begins at 9 a.m. at the grave markers of John and Margaret Ash. These markers were donated by the couple’s descendants John, James, and George Scroggins.

John Ash Day will be celebrated with a wreath laying, 21 gun-salute and Taps. 

Of all the historic events in Ashville, this is the most significant. It is how Ashville became Ashville.

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