Anyone who has ever egged a house on Halloween and hit a mailbox has committed a felony. A server who does not claim every cent of his or her tips is committing Federal tax evasion. These people rarely, if ever, serve time but this demonstrates the difference in the denotation and connotation of the word felon, even for more serious crimes.

A twenty year old drug user is caught with his contraband. He or she goes to prison. This is called "paying one's debt to society."

But the debt is never really paid.

Decades after release, a convicted felon still cannot vote, leave the country, or serve on a jury. Some even lose their parental rights. And they are discriminated against in the job market. In fact, most jobs requiring a license such as health care, counseling, teaching and many others are off limits entirely.

Bruna Valley Baptist Church is hosting the New Beginnings Job Fair for Felons October 9th at 11:00a.m. Several companies willing to hire those who committed the crime, did their time and are now looking for honest work. The address is 45956 Highway 78 Lincoln, Al 35906.

It is not just job opportunities. There will also be job coaching and voter registration. Free clothing will be available to those who attend. This may be a Godsend for some because convicted felons are also denied public assistance like unemployment.

The statement on the flier says it all. And it is not just for those who commit crimes and misdemeanors. Everyone should remember this about others and themselves.

Your past does not definite who you are.

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