Ashville High School upcoming senior, Nick Lee, did his city proud July 25 by placing third at the St. Clair County Competitive Event in the woodworking category, “What Would You Build?” Brook Perry, originally from Ashville and Pell City High School junior, currently wears the green jacket. This means she is the state ambassador. Perry was chosen through online applications and an interviewing process.

And Ashville rising junior, Grace Staples, was there to support her fellow club members.

Those of us of a certain age remember the 4-H club as a high school organization. It was only available in rural areas. And its focus was primarily on raising livestock and growing vegetables. But, like the times, it has changed.

And it has so much more to offer and to so many. “The organization impacts students ages eight to eighteen,” says Becky Staples. She started out as a volunteer for The Girl Scouts of North Central Alabama and has been assistant agent for St. Clair County 4-H club for the last four years. “In October, we implemented our first Flag Day for third graders across the county.”

Additionally, the scope of what 4-H has to teach has broadened tremendously. The teen group, ages 14 through 18, has a Leadership Competition this year from December 31- February 2, 2020. The categories range in valuable life skills from composing resumes and interviewing skills to changing tires.

“The most popular programs are Science and Engineering Technology,” Staples added. “And there are nature-centered activities as well.”

At present there are 900 members from St. Clair County. Anyone within the aforementioned age groups are invited and encouraged to join. There are several ways to do so. Becky Staples can be contacted by phone at 205-338-9416 or by email: . The organization’s email is More information is available on the organization’s Facebook page at .

So, Ashville students and parents, consider this worthy club. There is something for everyone regardless of avenue of interest and so much to learn for everyone. And there are the benefits of belonging to any competitive club: socialization, the opportunity to make lifelong friends, learning to do one’s best and keep eyes on the prize. Something to which Brooke Perry, Nick Lee, and Grace Staples can attest.

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