Odenville Elementary School 

An arrest has been made in the bomb threat made at Odenville Middle School yesterday. 

"The suspect in this case is being charged with making terrorist threats and is also a juvenile," St. Clair County Sheriff Billy Murray stated in a release. 

 The St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officer received a report of a note found in the girls restroom of Odenville Middle School yesterday by school personnel.

The note was found between 9:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Wednesday. A threat of a bomb was indicated in the note. 

Law enforcement and school personnel took action to safely evacuate the Odenville Middle, Intermediate and Elementary Schools. The school perimeter was secured and after diligent search, no evidence of any type of explosives were located.  No injuries were reported. 

"Thank you to Odenville Police Department, Odenville Fire & Rescue, St. Clair County SWAT and Pell City Police Department for all assistance in this situation," said St. Clair County Sheriff Billy Murray.

Odenville area schools students and faculty were temporarily moved to another location Wednesday due to safety concerns, according to St. Clair County school officials.

In a Facebook post, the Odenville Police Department stated a "safety search" was conducted at three schools, but there was no credible threat and students were expected back in class.

No reason was given as to what led to the searches.

Law enforcement officials said it was a precaution and students were safe.

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