Recently the debate over healthcare reform has taken an ugly but predictable turn. Perhaps it should be said that, in fact, there has been little debate and merely strong disagreement. Naturally, once any discussion becomes a verbal food fight, the questions and answers become just so much of a dishonest pie in the face.

An honest debate should hang on logical consistency and factual accuracy, there is also a place for emotional appeal but this should be a part of the conversation and not the whole.

Therefore, when the right or left is reduced to misinformation and name calling, the substance is lost and a sane outcome is unsurprising doomed.

Cue Doctor Mengele!

Dr. Josef Mengele was a German SS officer and a physician in the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. History notoriously remembers him as the Angel of Death for performing ruthless human experiments on prison inmates.

Yes, anytime there is a disagreement among our elected leaders, the Nazis are marched out in all their “Jack-booted” glory.

You are a Brown shirt, you are un-American, you are Hitler!

This accomplishes little more than reducing what should be a substantive discussion into a whirlwind of noise that leaves many people angry, and yet, uninformed.

There little doubt that there is a need for healthcare reform. The question then becomes what type of reform is needed, what can be realistically accomplished, what will be the end product and, of course, what will it cost?

In all of this it seems the Obama administration has made some strikingly amateurish errors. There is little doubt that they have grossly overestimated the public mandate for healthcare reform. While most would like to see some healthcare fixes, the appetites for such grand overhauls decline rapidly when there is a possibility of an increasing in personal costs or a decrease in personal choice. Add to that the economic turn down and a real potential for higher taxes and the American people will not accept a seat at the government-sponsored smorgasbord, no matter how charming the host.

Another mistake was allowing the far rightwing of the Democratic Party to write H. R. 3200. While Mr. Obama won the presidential election he did so by winning only 28 states. And while the Democratic Party has a clear majority in the House and Senate there are many who face re-election in the twenty-two states and in many congressional districts that did not vote for Mr. Obama. This has been brought home to many “Blue Dog” Democrats that have returned home to red-faced voters.

The Administration with all its talent for winning elections has failed to realize that we live in a center-right country and therefore their efforts to govern from the extreme left has given even Obama supporters reasons for some hand-wringing.

The Administration’s healthcare plan could prove to have unintended consequence beyond the generational wounds inflicted on the American public by Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society. The quixotic socialist odyssey of the “War on Poverty,” has had the effect of creating a generational underclass dependent on the whim of the welfare state.

In 1964, Johnson declared an “unconditional war on poverty” with the goal of eliminating hunger and deprivation from American life. However noble the thought, it is a fool’s notion and an arrogance bordering on “god-complex” to believe that a government schemes can deliver all people from such ancient evils.

But in the 60s and 70s, the nation’s intellectual class believed that government could and furthermore should engage in social programs to bring about an end to all manner of societal ills.

It is in this school of thought that Mr. Obama was born, raised and educated. So, it should come as no surprise that he believes that yes, he can bring about universal healthcare.

Medicare, a Great Society invention, has been cited as the model of government-run universal healthcare. However, Medicare is a system in which 140 million working Americans pay 2.9 percent of all wages and salaries to fund healthcare for 42 million, mostly older, Americans. And Medicare is in triage and threatens to be in full cardiac arrest as the “Baby Boomers” continue to retire. If the current plan passes, the 140 million working Americans will have acquired an additional 40 million dependants.

Trust me it would be a wonderful thing to see full-equality, universal prosperity and wellbeing for all. But this side of heaven, that is a dream that will remain unfulfilled. One may ask, then should we not try to make things better? Of course we should. But we need to understand that no government is capable of bringing about even a partial utopia. Like Communist thinker Leon Trotsky had a dream of creating the Soviet man who was to be selfless, learned, healthy with his every need provided by the socialist state. These ventures, however, always fail for the same reason—man trying to play God.

French Count Henri de Saint-Simon coined the word socialism. He also advocated the creation of a society in which each person was ranked according to his or her capacities and rewarded according to his or her work. This is most often phrased as “From all according to their ability and to all according to their need.” Some even point to the Apostles of Christ in the Book of Acts as an example of this socialist manifesto. Of course, there is one huge difference for the Apostles; Jesus Christ was the head. For the socialist, it is the state. Therein lies truth from error.

Like FDR’s New Deal and LBJ’s Great Society, BHO’s social agenda will have far-reaching, unintended, negative consequences despite any perceived progress.

Let us pray that we will be more deliberate in our choices outside the whirlwind. It is important to remember than any entity powerful enough to grant all our wishes will be powerful enough to enslave us all. Sometimes in American discourse we differ in opinion and not in principle. This, however, is not one of those times.

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