St. Clair News Aegis (Pell City, AL)


September 5, 2013

Married couple found dead in Riverside

Riverside —

Investigator Rick Oliver, working with the Riverside Police Department and the St. Clair Sheriff’s Department, found two bodies in the Riverside area. One of the deceased was Wesley Westcott, a suspect in a shooting that was reported on Sunday, Sept. 1.

The police department was called out to Deer Field Road on Sunday after Donald Littlefield reported being shot by his stepson, Westcott. Littlefield was taken to the hospital, and police continued to look throughout the evening for Westcott and his wife Christian Stipes Westcott.

Neither Christian nor Wesley was found. However, residents in the area reported that Wesley had come to their doors trying to get a ride out of town. On Tuesday, Sept. 2, the police department found Christian Westcott’s body, which had been fatally wounded after being struck by a train. The scene was just west of Riverside City Hall, according to Oliver.

After finding Wesley’s wife, the police made plans to do a grid search of the area for Wesley on Sept. 4. Around 11:36 AM, police discovered the body of Wesley in a pond area. He was determined dead by the coroner.

Oliver said that the police department does not have any information currently. “It is believed to be an accident, but we’re waiting to determine that with forensics.

“Our heart goes out to the family members of these two young people,” said Oliver.

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