St. Clair News Aegis (Pell City, AL)


March 14, 2013

Taking water testing to the classroom

Pell City — Fifth graders at Williams Intermediate School participated in science experiments that taught them about the importance of having clean water and testing water quality.

Members of the Logan Martin Lake Protection Association (LMLPA) brought water testing to the classroom, showing students how to conduct water testing.

LMLPA member, Phil Gilliland has been a water monitor for the association for seven years and has been teaching kids about water monitoring for three years, said he hopes kids will remember these demonstrations and one day show an interest in protecting Logan Martin Lake.

“I hope they become interested in LMLPA, the lake cleanup and Lakefest, and I hope they had a good time learning about water testing,” Gilliland said. “Even getting just one kid interested in what we do is huge.”

Through the water testing demonstrations, Phil and his wife, Rita, showed the kids chemical reactions that take place when water is being tested.  Phil and Rita conducted three different tests to check for water quality, teaching the kids about dissolved oxygen, water temperature and hardness of the water.

Fifth grade science teacher Denis Reynolds, who is also a member of the LMLPA, came up with the idea to have water monitors come talk to students about water quality.  Her students are currently studying acids and bases and have been given the opportunity to perform their own lab experiments.

“Hands on learning is very important,” Reynolds said.  “It’s a great time of year for them with all the events LMLPA has coming up.  It gives them the chance to make the connection because the lake is a big part of our community.”


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