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March 8, 2012

Amnesty day to help clear fines, warrant list

Moody — Friday March 9 from noon to 8:00 p.m. the city of Moody will host an amnesty day.

“Any outstanding warrant with the City of Moody, the person can come in, we will recall the warrant and let them pay what they owe in full without having a new charge,” said City of Moody Court Clerk Tammy Jackson.

Those choosing to take advantage of amnesty day will be able to pay off their tickets/fines by paying in full or being set up on payments and probation.

An amnesty day provides the City of Moody the opportunity to collect money for tickets and clear their books.

“We have a lot of failure to appears on our books. Having this amnesty day gives people an opportunity to save themselves from going to jail,” said City of Moody Magistrate Ruth Newton. “On March 9 the city is allowing people to come in and pay what they know they owe. It’s a really good deal.”

Observing other cities such as Trussville have prosperous amnesty days, the City of Moody is hoping for the same results.

Moody Municipal Court Judge Terry Cromer will preside over the night’s docket.

If you have an outstanding warrant, ticket or fine with the City of Moody go to Moody City Hall located at 670 Park Avenue on March 9 to take advantage of amnesty day.

“Fingers crossed it will be a huge success,” said Newton.

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