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June 24, 2013

Spruiell named St. Clair County's 2014 DYW

St. Clair — Encouraging young ladies to develop inner strength, generate much deserved self-confidence and most importantly, rewarding academic achievement, the 2014 Distinguished Young Women (DYW) class commenced for competion.

Thrilled to host their largest group yet, 14 contestants vied for scholarship money as they challenged one another to secure scholarships for fitness, self-expression, scholastics, interview, talent, essay and the spirit award.

Operating with the purpose “that every young woman has the potential to reach her own goals in life, regardless of her outward appearance or economic status,” DYW strives for their contestants to exude their best self.

Evaluated in five categories, interview makes up 25 percent. Talent is also 25 percent, and scholastics are 20 percent. Self-expression is 15, and fitness counts for 15 of each contestant’s overall score.

Young ladies entering their senior year of high school have the opportunity to enjoy a less stressful senior year by securing scholarship money before the school year begins.

Gathering at the Springville Middle School auditorium, the night began with a dance to the theme song from Saved By the Bell (a popular late 80s, early 90s television show).

The dance was followed by a fitness competition.

Through a choreographed routine, each of the 14 women displayed their individual levels of strength and endurance.

The spotlight then went to talent, where these young women highlighted their accomplishments in dance, singing, playing musical instruments, theatre and sign language.

Scored on stage presence, originality, appropriateness of selection and costume as well as technical ability, these ladies were given 90 seconds to shine.

 Representing schools throughout St. Clair County, the girls competing were:

Chelsea Goodwin -St. Clair County High School

Alexis Walton -Victory Christian School

Bethany Hunt -St. Clair County High School

Olivia Crutchfield -Moody High School

Victoria Dillashaw –Moody High School

Lindsey Spruiell -Springville High School

Kimary Causey-Dickerson –St. Clair County High School

Katelyn (Katie) Roe – Pell City High School

Savanna Rossman – Ashville High School

Brianna Jaudon – Moody High School

Maya Everett – Leeds High School

Marissa Connally –Crossroads Christian School

Breanna Lucas – Springville High School

Savannah Smith – Victory Christian School

Incorporating the theme of Class Reunion throughout the night, the audience was given pop quizzes during transition times throughout the show.

Awarding over $60,0000 in scholarships, DYW “inspires high school women to develop their full, individual potential through a fun, transformative experience that culminates in a celebratory showcase of their accomplishments.”

Honoring the young woman who best embodied all characteristics of DYW, Lindsey Spruiell was named by the other contestants recipient of the Spirit Award.

Winners of the Be Your Best Self Essay who each received $150 were Kimary Causey-Dickerson, Savanna Rossman, Brianna Jaudon and Marisa Connally.

The fitness award recipients who received $150 in scholarship money were Olivia Crutchfield, Victoria Dillashaw, Lindsey Spruiell and Brianna Jaudon.

The ladies who were rewarded for their “grace, poise under pressure, grooming, naturalness in posture and carriage and an ability to communicate effectively during a 20-second response to an on stage question,” also known as Self-Expression were Olivia Crutchfield, Brianna Jaudon, Maya Everett and Savannah Smith.

Scholastic winners and recipients of $200 scholarships were Lindsey Spruiell, Katie Roe, Marisa Connally and Savannah Smith.

Interview winners who received $250 in scholarships were Lindsey Spruiell, Katie Roe, Maya Everett and Savannah Smith.

Showing off their true talent and recipients of $250 scholarships were Katie Roe, Brianna Jaudon, Maya Everett and Savannah Smith.

Overall winners were Brianna Jaudon who received $500 and was the third runner up, second runner-up was Maya Everett who received $700, Katie Roe was first runner up and awarded $1,000.

Lindsey Spruiell was named the Distinguished Young Woman of St. Clair County for 2014.

“I’m so overwhelmed and thankful,” said Spruiell.

Developing character that encourages young women to be their best selves, the DYW program is truly rewarding women of distinction.

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