St. Clair News Aegis (Pell City, AL)


May 31, 2010

‘Common Sense Express’ rolls into town

Pell City — Tim James brought his “Common Sense Express” to Pell City on May 18. His tour bus drove up blasting “Sweet Home Alabama” to the crowd waiting to shake his hand.

“St. Clair County is the fastest-growing county in the South, so of course we wanted to come here first,” James said.

James addressed issues like punishing sex offenders, having valid photo IDs for voting and his commercials. He has met controversy with his commercial where he said, “This is Alabama. We speak English.” But, he said the majority of Republicans and Democrats agreed with him.

“Eighty-five percent of Republicans agree with me,” James said, “and 65 percent of Democrats do, too.”

He said he wants to listen to people’s concerns and bring about change to the state.

“We’ve tried everything else,” James said. “Let’s try some common sense.”

James will take his campaign to more than 60 stops in 10 days around Alabama.


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